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Books: Frobenius manifolds, quantum cohomology, and moduli spaces
Manin Yu.I., 1999

Book News, Inc.This monograph summarizes some of the developments that have taken place in quantum cohomology in the last decade, but does not explain the history or physical motivations. Manin begins…

Books: Quantization of Kaehler manifolds
Cahen M., Gutt S., Rawnsley J.

Quantization of Kaehler manifolds

Books: Complex manifolds, vector bundles and Hodge theory
Brylinski J.-L., Foth P., 1998

Complex manifolds, vector bundles and Hodge theory

Books: Frobenius Manifolds
Hitchin N., 1997

Frobenius Manifolds

Books: Smarandache Manifolds
Iseri H., 2002

A Smarandache Geometry (1969) is a geometric space (i.e., one with points, lines) such that some "axiom" is false in at least two different ways, or is false and also sometimes true. Such axiom is sai…

Books: Compact Manifolds with Special Holonomy
Joyce D.D., 2000

Serving as both a graduate textbook on Reimannian holonomy groups and a research monograph on the exceptional holonomy groups Gc and Spin(7), this book is intended for mathematicians working in differ…
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