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Books: Successful Marketing Strategies for High-Tech Firms
Viardot E., 2004

This extensively revised third edition of the Artech House bestseller, Successful Marketing Strategies for High-Tech Firms, reflects the ruthless realities of the new high-tech marketplace where effec…

Books: Marketing Straight to the Heart

Feig, a marketing consultant, uses his vast experience in directing businesses to use emotion to sell a product. Drawing on such basic marketing concepts as market share and target marketing, he expla…

Books: Conquering Consumerspace Marketing Strategies For A Branded World - AMACOM

Consumers no longer simply buy stuff - they forge their entire identities around a carefully selected set of brands. Consequently, they must become active participants in the development and marketing…

Books: Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations - Kogan Page Ltd

To communicate effectively it is vital that our mode of communication is clear and concise. When conveying our message, the written word must contain all the elements of good writing – including…

Books: The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

As it becomes increasingly associated with impressive corporate gains realized in recent years by companies ranging from FedEx and Rolex to Starbucks and Volvo, branding has developed into one of the …

Books: Marketing Your Consulting Services - Jossey Bass

To keep your competitive edge in the marketplace, you must find practical and inexpensive ways to retain the clients you have, develop new clients, and increase your bottom line.
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