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Books: Analytical and computational methods in scattering and applied mathematics
Santosa F., Stakgold I., 2000

This book contains information obtained from authlentic and highly regarded sources.Reprinted material is quoted wilh permission,and sources are indicated.A wide variety of references are listed.Reaso…

Books: Toeplitz and circulant matrices

Toeplitz and circulant matrices

Books: Vedic Mathematics
Agrawala V.S., 1965

Book DescriptionThis epoch-making and monumental work on Vedic Mathematics unfolds a new method of approach. It relates to the truth of numbers and magnitudes equally to all sciences and arts. The boo…

Books: Hp-48G/Gx Investigations in Mathematics
Latrve D.R., Kreider D.L., Proctor T.G., 1996

Use HP-48

Books: Noncommutative structures in mathematics and physics
Duplij S., Wess J., 2001

The concepts of noncommutative space-time and quantum groups have foundgrowing attention in quantum field theory and string theory. The mathematical concepts of quantum groups have been far developed …

Books: The mathematics of physics and chemistry
Margenau H., Murphy G.M., 1956

In the second edition the main plan of the book has been left unchanged. Small amounts of material have been added in a great number of places, and improvements have been attempted at many points. It …


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