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Books: Functional Analysis in Modern Applied Mathematics
Curtain R.F., Pritchard A.J., 1977

Functional Analysis in Modern Applied Mathematics

Books: The Mathematics of Diffusion
Crank J., 1975

Though it incorporates much new material, this new edition preserves the general character of the book in providing a collection of solutions of the equations of diffusion and describing how these sol…

Books: Introduction to finite mathematics
Kemeny T., Snell J.L., Thompson G., 1974

From game theory to the Gambler's ruin this book has classical mathematics well explained. The section on permutations and multinomials is still a valuable reference after all these years! But it is t…

Books: Mathematics for computer algebra
Mignotte M., 1992

A text for a graduate course in mathematics, for students with at least some basic knowledge of set theory, rational integers, combinatorics (Newton is sufficient), and elementary analysis and algebra…

Books: Mathematics of genome analysis
Percus J.K., 2004

The massive research effort known as the Human Genome Project is an attempt to record the sequence of the three trillion nucleotides that make up the human genome and to identify individual genes with…

Books: Combinatorial methods in discrete mathematics
Sachkov V.N., 1996

This is a presentation of some complex problems of discrete mathematics in a simple and unified form using an original, general combinatorial scheme. The author’s aim is not always to present the most…


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