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Books: Graduate studies in mathematics (vol.5). Algebraic curves and Riemann surfaces
Miranda R., 1995

This text is an introduction to the theory of algebraic curves defined over the complex numbers. It begins with the definitions and first properties of Riemann surfaces, with special attention paid to…

Books: Mathematical Logic and the Foundation of Mathematics
Kneebone G.T., 1963

Graduate-level historical study is ideal for students intending to specialize in the topic, as well as those who only need a general treatment. Part I discusses traditional and symbolic logic. Part II…

Books: Mathematics 433,533. Analytic geometry
Koch R., 2002

Mathematics 433,533. Analytic geometry

Books: Tools and fundamental constructions of combinatorial mathematics
Lueneburg H., 1989

Tools and fundamental constructions of combinatorial mathematics

Books: Discrete mathematics using Latin squares
Laywine C.F., Mullen G.L., 1998

An intuitive and accessible approach to discrete mathematics using Latin squares In the past two decades, researchers have discovered a range of uses for Latin squares that go beyond standard mathemat…

Books: Fundamentals of model theory

Fundamentals of model theory


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