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Books: Mathematics of Random Media
Kohler W.E., White B.S., 1991

An overview of recent research in the mathematics of random media, considering the field's scientific and technological, as well as mathematical, roots. The 33 papers cover systems of interacting part…

Books: Basic Training In Mathematics
Shankar R., 1995

Based on course material used by the author at Yale University, this practical text addresses the widening gap found between the mathematics required for upper-level courses in the physical sciences a…

Books: An elementary introduction to modern convex geometry

An elementary introduction to modern convex geometry

Books: Dictionary of classical and theoretical mathematics
Cavagnaro C. (ed.), Haight W. (ed.), 2001

Containing more than 1,000 entries, the Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics focuses on mathematical terms and definitions of critical importance to practicing mathematicians and scient…

Books: Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics
Derbyshire J., 2003

Bernhard Riemann would make any list of the greatest mathematicians ever. In 1859, he proposed a formula to count prime numbers that has defied all attempts to prove it true. This new book tackles the…

Books: Spectral Functions in Mathematics and Physics
Kirsten K., 2002

Over the last several years, the author and his colleagues have developed new methods for the exact analysis, including numerical evaluations, of different spectral functions that have significant app…


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