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Books: Quantum theory of measurement based on the many-Hilbert-space approach
Namiki M., Pascazio S., 1992

Quantum theory of measurement based on the many-Hilbert-space approach

Books: Quantum measurement
Braginsky V.B., Khalili F.Ya., 1992

This book is an up-to-date introduction to the quantum theory of measurement, a fast developing field of intense current interest to scientists and engineers for its potential technology applications.…

Books: Relativistic quantum measurement and decoherence
Breuer H.-P. (ed.), Petruccione F. (ed.), 2000

The development of a consistent picture for the processes of decoherence and quantum measurement requires a treatment which is compatible with the theory of relativity. This volume reviews some of the…

Books: Temperature measurement
Michalski L., Eckersdorf K., Kucharski J., 2001

The accurate measurement of temperature is a vital parameter in many fields of engineering and scientific practice. Responding to emerging trends, this classic reference has been fully revised to incl…

Books: Quantum communications and measurement
Belavkin V.P., Hirota O., Hudson R.L., 1995

The workshop covered a wide range of topics in quantum probability and measurement, from fundamental problems of quantum mechanics to its applications in the newly developing quantum technologies. The…

Books: Neural networks for instrumentation, measurement and related industrial applications
Ablameyko S., Goras L., Gori M., 2003

Aims of this book are to disseminate wider and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about neural networks in measurement, instrumentation and the related industrial applications. It also creat…
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