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Books: The Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Gases (vol 1)
Simon B., 1993

A state-of-the-art survey of both classical and quantum lattice gas models, this two-volume work will cover the rigorous mathematical studies of such models as the Ising and Heisenberg, an area in whi…

Books: The classical and quantum mechanics of systems with constraints
Seahra S.S., 2002

In this paper, we discuss the classical and quantum mechanics of finite dimensional mechanical systems subject to constraints. We review Dirac’s classical formalism of dealing with such problems and m…

Books: Quantum mechanics
Schiff L.I., 1949

Quantum mechanics

Books: Quantum mechanics
Rae A.I.M., 2002

Quantum mechanics

Books: Introduction to quantum mechanics
Phillips A.C., 2003

Textbook provides an introduction to quantum mechanics for undergraduates who have little understanding of mathematics, probability, and classical physics. Introduces the most important aspects of qua…

Books: Quantum mechanics
Norbury J.W., 2000

Quantum mechanics


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