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Books: Mathematical topics between classical and quantum mechanics
Landsman N.P., 1998

This monograph draws on two traditions: the algebraic formulation of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, and the geometric theory of classical mechanics. These are combined in a unified treatm…

Books: Introductory classical mechanics with problems and solutions
Morin D., 2003

Introductory classical mechanics with problems and solutions

Books: Tensors and Manifolds with Applications to Mechanics and Relativity
Wasserman R.H., 1992

This book introduces the concepts of tensor algebras and differentiable manifolds to the intermediate-level student. It describes analytical and geometrical structures built on these basic concepts. T…

Books: Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics
Sedov L., 1993

Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an English language translation of this classic volume examining the general theory of dimensions of physical quantities, the theory o…

Books: Fluid Mechanics and the Environment
Lumley J.L., 2001

his book is a collection of papers presented at a symposium held in honor of Sidney Leibovich. According all papers deal with mathematical or computational aspects of fluid dynamics applied mostly to …

Books: Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Dorfman J.R., 1999

This book is an introduction to the applications in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of chaotic dynamics, and also to the use of techniques in statistical mechanics important for an understanding …


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