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Books: Dynamic Fracture Mechanics
Freund L.B., 1998

This volume emphasizes fundamental concepts, both on the development of mathematical models of fracture phenomena and on the analysis of these models. Cases involving stress waves impinging on cracks,…

Books: Contact mechanics
Johnson K.L., 1985

This treatise is concerned with the stresses and deformation of solid bodies in contact with each other, along curved surfaces which touch initially at a point or along a line. Examples are a railway …

Books: Classical mechanics
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J., 2000

For thirty years this has been the acknowledged standard in advanced classical mechanics courses. This classic book enables readers to make connections between classical and modern physics - an indisp…

Books: Practical fluid mechanics for engineering applications
Bloomer J.J., 2000

Covers the practical side of fluid mechanics for the practicing engineer. Bloomer, a product manager, begins with a review of the definitions, equations, and derivations that are useful for the materi…

Books: A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Chorin A., Marsden J., 1993

The goal of this text is to present some of the basic ideas of fluid mechanics in a mathematically attractive manner, to present the physical background and motivation for some constructions that have…

Books: Mechanics
Banach S., 1951



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