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Books: Mechanics of material space: with applications to defect and fracture mechanics
Kienzler R., Herrmann G., 2000

Mechanics of material space: with applications to defect and fracture mechanics

The aim of the book is to present, in a novel and unified fashion, the elements of Mechanics in Material Space or Configurational Mechanics, with applications to fracture and defect mechanics. This me…

Books: Quantum mechanics. An introduction
Greiner W., 2001

Quantum mechanics. An introduction

Quantum Mechanics - An Introduction lays the foundations for the rest of the course on quantum mechanics, advanced quantum mechanics, and field theory. Starting from black-body radiation, the photoele…

Books: Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics
Cooper F., Khare A., Sukhatme U., 1995

Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics

For advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in quantum mechanics, this text provides an elementary description of supersymmetry, a conceptual framework for understanding potential problems in quan…

Books: Foundations of fluid mechanics
Gallavotti G., 2000

Foundations of fluid mechanics

The imagination is stricken by the substantial conceptual identity between the problems met in the theoretical study of physical phenomena. It is absolutely unexpected and surprising, whether one stud…

Books: Quantum mechanics: symmetries
Greiner W., Mueller B., 1994

Quantum mechanics: symmetries

Quantum Mechanics (Symmetries) deals with a particularly appealing and successful concept in advanced quantum mechanics. After a brief introduction to symmetries in classical mechanics, the text turns…

Books: David Broek, Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics? (Reupload)

David Broek, Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics? (Reupload)

It is certainly one of the best books on Fracture Mechanics. very well structured for graduate level courses. Also, unlike a lot of books on Fracture Mechanics, the concepts are presented with an emph…
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