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Books: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Guide to Gaining Business Value from Mobile Technologies
Welin-Berger M., Teutloff J., Kornak A., 2004

The rate at which companies are deploying wireless and mobile technology is astounding. But as the dot-com crash demonstrated, implementing solutions without clearly defined business requirements can …

Books: The IMS : IP Multimedia Concepts and Services in the Mobile Domain
Poikselka Miikka, Mayer Georg, Khartabil Hisham, 2004

We have telephony to talk to each other, messaging to dispatch mail or instant messages, browsing to read published content and search engines to locate content sites. However, current mobile networks…

Books: WCDMA for UMTS : Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications
Holma Harri, Toskala Antti, 2004

As wireless communications technologies evolve, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) seems a strong candidate for providing multimedia to the handset, as well as Universal Mobile Telecommuni…

Books: Advances in Security and Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce

Recently, the emergence of wireless and mobile networks has made possible the admission of electronic commerce to a new application and research subject: mobile commerce, defined as the exchange or bu…

Books: The Mobile Connection The Cell Phones Impact on Society 3rd edition

Has the cell phone forever changed the way people communicate? The mobile phone is used for real time coordination while on the run, adolescents use it to manage their freedom, and teens text to each …

Books: Symbian for Software Leaders Principles of successful smartphone development project

As a co-founder of Symbian and former executive of Psion Software, David Wood has been actively involved in well over 100 smartphone development projects worldwide. Over the time spent on these projec…
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