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Books: Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models
Wolf-Gladrow D.A., 2000

Lattice-gas cellular automata (LGCA) and lattice Boltzmann models (LBM) are relatively new and promising methods for the numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential equations. The book provid…

Books: Multiresolution Markov Models for Signal and Image Processing
Wilsky A.S., 2000

This paper reviews a significant component of the rich field of statistical multiresolution (MR) modeling and processing. These MR methods have found application and permeated the literature of a wide…

Books: Spin foam models for quantum gravity
Perez A., 2003

In this topical review, we reviewthe present status of the spin foam formulation of non-perturbative (background-independent) quantum gravity. The topical review is divided into two parts. In the firs…

Books: Dual models and relativistic quantum strings
Rebbi B., 1974

The string picture of the dual resonance model is reviewed. It is shown that, if we assume for a relativistic string propagating through space time an action proportional to the area of the surface of…

Books: Two-dimensional models of black hole radiation
Lotze T.

This diploma thesis is concerned with the quantum field theoretical observation that Black Holes are not entirely black but instead radiate particles with a thermal energy distribution.This phenomenon…

Books: Nuclear models
Greiner W., Maruhn J., 1996

The present work - and its two companion volumes - will certainly be among the most effective and widely used ... Can be warmly recommended to all nuclear physicists, student and professional alike, w…
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