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Books: How nature works
Per Bak, 1996

In print, at least, what might seem arrogant comes across as a kind of innocent, childlike enthusiasm, a lack of concern for anything but the sheer joy of figuring things out. His ruthless simplificat…

Books: Polarised Light in Science and Nature
Pye D., 2001

We humans cannot see when light is polarised and this leads to unfortunate misapprehensions about this aspect of nature. Even scientists who should know better often assume that it is an obscure topic…

Books: John Shaw's closeups in nature
Shaw J., 1987

There's more than one way to shoot a frog, as Shaw demonstrates in this splendid book, a thorough course in practical field techniques for closeup photography using a 35mm single-lens reflex camera. A…

Books: The nature of statistical learning theory
Vapnik V.N., 2000

Discusses the fundamental ideas that lie behind the statistical theory of learning and generalization. Considers learning as a general problem of function estimation based on empirical data.

Books: Nature of Space and Time
Hawking S.W., Penrose R., 1994

Who doesn't love a good argument? When physics heavyweights Stephen W. Hawking and Roger Penrose delivered three sets of back-and-forth lectures capped by a final debate at Cambridge's Isaac Newton In…

Books: The nature of chaos
Mullin T., 1993

The Nature of Chaos reflects the interdisciplinary character and captures the excitement of this fast-moving area of science. Focusing on the uses and application of the latest ideas from dynamical sy…
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