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A computer network is an interconnection of a group of computers. Networks may be classified by what is called the network layer at which they operate according to basic reference models considered as standards in the industry such as the four-layer Internet Protocol Suite model. While the seven-layer Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model is better known in academia, the majority of networks use the Internet Protocol Suite (IP) as their network model.

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Books: Linux Network Administrators Guide
Kirch O., Dawson T., 2000

Linux, a UNIX-compatible operating system that runs on personal computers, is a pinnacle within the free software movement. It is based on a kernel developed by Finnish student Linus Torvalds and is d…

Books: Network Security Bible
Cole E., Krutz R.L., Conley J, 2005

A must for working network and security professionals as well as anyone in IS seeking to build competence in the increasingly important field of security Written by three high-profile experts, includi…

Books: Handbook of neural network signal processing
Hu Y.H. (ed.), Hwang J.-N. (ed.), 2002

The use of neural networks is permeating every area of signal processing. They can provide powerful means for solving many problems, especially in nonlinear, real-time, adaptive, and blind signal proc…

Books: Large Antennas of the Deep Space Network
Imbriale William A., 2003

Detailing the evolution of large parabolic dish antennas and their uses, this volume traces the development of NASA's Deep Space Network antenna, from its inception in 1958 to the present. The analyti…

Books: Fundamentals of network security
Canavan J.E., 2001

Here's easy-to-understand book that introduces you to fundamental network security concepts, principles, and terms, while providing you with practical techniques that you can apply on the job. It help…

Books: The artificial neural network book
Hristev R.M., 1998

The artificial neural network book
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