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Books: Theoretical neuroscience
Dayan P., Abbot L.F., 2002

Theoretical neuroscience provides a quantitative basis for describing what nervous systems do, determining how they function, and uncovering the general principles by which they operate. This text int…

Books: Neuroscience: a mathematical primer
Scott A., 2002

This is an introductory text of mathematical neuroscience intended for anyone who wants to appreciate the role that mathematics and mathematical modeling and analysis can do to aid an understanding of…

Books: Molecular neuroscience
Revest P., Longstaff A., 1998

Molecular Neuroscience is written to give students insight into how neuroscience has been revolutionized at the molecular level during the past decade. It serves as a broad introduction to many of the…

Books: Neuroscience
Purves D. (ed.), Augustine G.J. (ed.), Fitzpatrick D. (ed.), 2004

Neuroscience is a comprehensive textbook created primarily for medical and premedical students. In a single concise and approachable volume, the text guides students through the challenges and excitem…


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