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Books: A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory
Cohen H., 1996

One of the first of a new generation of books in mathematics that show the reader how to do large or complex computations using the power of computer algebra. It contains descriptions of 148 algorithm…

Books: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory
Apostol T.M., 1976

This introductory textbook is designed to teach undergraduates the basic ideas and techniques of number theory, with special consideration to the principles of analytic number theory. The first five c…

Books: Solved and unsolved problems in number theory
Shanks D., 1978

Solved and unsolved problems in number theory

Books: Analytic Number Theory
Everest G., 1999

Analytic Number Theory

Books: A Course In Algebraic Number Theory
Ash R.B., 2003

This is a text for a basic course in algebraic number theory.

Books: Definitions, solved and unsolved problems, conjectures, and theorems in number theory and geometry
Smarandache F., 2000

A collection of definitions, questions, and theorems edited by M. L. Perez, such as Smarandache type conjectures, problems, numerical bases, T-numbers, progressions, series, functions, Non-Euclidean g…


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