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Books: Advances in number theory
Gouvéa F.Q., Yui N., 1991

The Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association August 18-24, 1991

Books: Computational Excursions in Analysis and Number Theory
Borwein P., 2002

This book is designed for a computationally intensive graduate course based around a collection of classical unsolved extremal problems for polynomials. These problems, all of which lend themselves to…

Books: Algebraic number theory
Filaseta M., 1996

Algebraic number theory

Books: Number Theory
Borevich Z.I., Shafarevich I.R., 1986

This is a english translation of first edition "Боревич З.И., Шафаревич И.Р. Теория чисел". from translator's preface:This book was written as a text for the learning of number theory, not as a refere…

Books: Transcendental number theory
Baker A., 1990

First published in 1975, this classic book gives a systematic account of transcendental number theory, that is those numbers which cannot be expressed as the roots of algebraic equations having ration…

Books: Algebraic groups and number theory
Platonov V., Rapinchuk A., 1994

This milestone work on the arithmetic theory of linear algebraic groups is now available in English for the first time. Algebraic Groups and Number Theory provides the first systematic exposition in m…


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