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Books: Heat Kernels and Dirac Operators
Berline N., Getzler E., Vergne M., 1991

In this book, the Atiyah-Singer index theorem for Dirac operators on compact Riemannian manifolds and its more recent generalizations receive simple proofs. The main technique which is used is an expl…

Books: Rings of differential operators
Björk J.-E., 1979

Rings of differential operators

Books: Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space
Akhiezer N.I., Glazman I.M., 1993

This classic textbook introduces linear operators in Hilbert Space, and presents the geometry of Hilbert space and the spectral theory of unitary and self-adjoint operators. 1961, 1963 edition.This cl…

Books: Lectures on Singular Integral Operators
Christ M., 1990

This book represents an expanded account of lectures delivered at the NSF-CBMS Regional Conference on Singular Integral Operators, held at the University of Montana in the summer of 1989. The lectures…

Books: Spectral Properties of Noncommuting Operators
Jefferies B., 2004

Forming functions of operators is a basic task of many areas of linear analysis and quantum physics. Weyl's functional calculus, initially applied to the position and momentum operators of quantum mec…

Books: An introduction to pseudo-differential operators
Wong M., 1991

Provides a straightforward account of a class of pseudo-differential operators. Text can be used in courses in functional analysis, Fourier analysis and partial differential equations.
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