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Books: Lecture Notes on Optimization
Varaiya P., 1998

Lecture Notes on Optimization

Books: Numerical Optimization
Bonnans F.J., Gilbert C. J., Lemarechal C., 2003

Numerical Optimization has numerous applications in engineering sciences, operations research, economics, finance, etc. Starting with illustrations of this ubiquitous character, this book is essential…

Books: Optimization
Lange K., 2004

This introduction to optimization attempts to strike a balance between presentation of mathematical theory and development of numerical algorithms. Building on students' skills in calculus and linear …

Books: Nonsmooth Equations in Optimization: Regularity, Calculus, Methods and Applications
Klatte D., Kummer B., 2002

"This book establishes links between regularity and derivative concepts of nonsmooth analysis and studies of solution methods and stability for optimization, complementarity and equilibrium problems."…

Books: Numerical Optimization
Nocedal J., Wright S.J., 1999

Numerical Optimization presents a comprehensive and up-to-date description of the most effective methods in continuous optimization. It responds to the growing interest in optimization in engineering,…

Books: Handbook of combinatorial optimization: supplement volume A
Du D. (ed.), Pardalos P. (ed.), 1999

This volume can be considered as a supplementary volume to the major three-volume Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization published by Kluwer. It can also be regarded as a stand-alone volume which pres…
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