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Books: Organic conductors: fundamentals and applications
Farges J. (ed.), 1994

Discussing the key issues that distinguish organic conductors from more conventional conductive compounds, this comprehensive and up-to-date reference examines all aspects of organic conductors;detail…

Books: Organic Synthesis: Concepts, Methods, Starting materials
Fuhrhop J., Penzlin G., 1994

Organic Synthesis: Concepts, Methods, Starting materials

Books: Organic reaction mechanisms (1998)
Knipe A.C., Watts W.E., 2002

Provides the most recent developments in organic chemistry. Compiled by well-respected editors with many years of relevant experience.

Books: Advanced Organic Synthesis
Monson R.S., 1971

Advanced Organic Synthesis

Books: Organic Syntheses (vol. 1)
Adams R., Conant J.B., Clarke H.T. (eds.), 1921

Organic Syntheses (vol. 1)

Books: Organic Syntheses (vol. 2)
Conant J.B., Adams R., Clarke H.T. (eds.), 1922

Organic Syntheses (vol. 2)
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