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Books: Headhunters and How to Use Them: A Guide for Organisations and Individual
Nancy Garrison Jenn, 2005

When firms need to fill management positions, when experienced managers want a new challenge, or when MBA graduates are looking for their first senior management role, they often turn to headhunters, …

Books: Supply Chain Games: Operations Management and Risk Valuation
Konstantin Kogan , Charles S. Tapiero, 2007

In todays global economy, supply chains are an essential ingredient to corporate survival and growth. Operations strategy in supply chains must assume an ever-expanding and strategic role of risks tha…

Books: Systematic organisation of information in fuzzy systems
Melo-Pinto P., Teodorescu H.-N., Fukuda T., 2003

Several developments in recent years require essential progresses in the field of information processing, especially in information organization and aggregation. The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) dom…


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