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Books: Geometry and Physics of Branes
Bruzzo U., Gorini V., Moschella U., 2003

This book brings together the contents of the courses given at the doctoral school on 'Geometry and Physics of Branes' which took place in the spring of 2001 at the Centre for Scientific Culture 'Ales…

Books: Applications of classical physics
Blandford R.D., Thorne K.S, 2003

Applications of classical physics

Books: Geometry, Topology and Physics

Geometry, Topology and Physics

Books: Basic notions of condensed matter physics
Anderson P.W., 1984

This monograph is an intelligible introduction to some of the most significant concepts in the physics of condensed matter. The general principles of many-body physics and perturbation theory are emph…

Books: Concepts of theoretical solid state physics
Atland A., Simons B., 2001

Concepts of theoretical solid state physics

Books: Methods of quantum fields theory in statistical physics
Abrikosov A.A., Gorkov L.P., Dzyalosliinski I.E., 1965

"A classic text on field theoretic methods in statistical physics"—American Scientist. A comprehensive introduction to the many-body theory and its ramifications by three internationally known Russian…


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