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Books: Statistical physics
Kadanoff L.P., 2000

Statistical physics

Books: Diverse topics in theoretical and mathematical physics
Jackiw R., 1995

Diverse topics in theoretical and mathematical physics

Books: Mathematical physics
Geroch R., 1985

Mathematical Physics is an introduction to such basic mathematical structures as groups, vector spaces, topological spaces, measure spaces, and Hilbert space. Geroch uses category theory to emphasize …

Books: The search for supersymmetry: probing physics beyond the standard model
Haber H.E., Kane G.L., 1985

In this paper we survey methods by which supersymmetry (or other new physics) could be observed in experiments at present and future accelerators. We review some of the motivation for supposing supers…

Books: Local quantum physics: fields, particles, algebras
Haag R., 1996

This book gives a comprehensive account of local quantum physics understood as the synthesis of quantum theory with the principle of locality. Centered on the algebraic approach, it describes both the…

Books: Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 2) Fourier analysis, self-adjointness
Reed M., Simon B., 1975

This volume will serve several purposes: to provide an introduction for graduate students not previously acquainted with the material, to serve as a reference for mathematical physicists already worki…


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