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Books: Bayesian reasoning in physics
D'Agostini G., 1999

These notes are based on seminars and minicourses given in various places over the last four years.

Books: Newtonian physics
Crowell B., 2002

Newtonian physics

Books: Spin physics at short distance
Craigie N.S., Hidaka K., Jacob M., 1983

Spin physics at short distance

Books: Principles of condensed matter physics
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C., 1995

This book provides an overview of the physics of condensed matter systems. Assuming a familiarity with the basics of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, the book establishes a general framewo…

Books: Path integrals in physics. Volume 2: quantum field theory, statistical physics and other modern applications
Chaichian M., Demichev A., 2001

Volume II is devoted to quantum field theory and statistical physics. It deals with systems with an infinite number of degrees of freedom. The full mathematical foundation is not yet completely establ…

Books: A primer for black hole quantum physics
Brout R., Massar S., Parentani R., 1995

The mechanisms which give rise to Hawking radiation are revealed by analyzing in detail pair production in the presence of horizons. In preparation for the black hole problem, three preparatory proble…


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