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Books: Schaum's outline of theory and problems of probability and statistics
Spiegel M.R., 1976

This book gives theory and solved problems for a combined course in probability and mathematical statistics. A calculus background is employed. The first half of the book itself serves as a supplement…

Books: Fundamentals of probability and statistics for engineers
Soong T.T., 2004

An introductory textbook on statistics for students in a variety of scientific fields. Chapters cover descriptive statistics, elements of probability, distribution of sampling statistics, parameter es…

Books: Probability for statisticians
Shorack G.R., 2000

Probability for Statisticians is intended as a text for a one year graduate course aimed especially at students in statistics. The choice of examples illustrates this intention clearly. The material t…

Books: Introduction to probability models
Ross S.M., 1997

The sixth edition of the successful Introduction to Probability Models introduces elementary probability theory and the stochastic processes and is particularly well-suited to those applying probabili…

Books: Probability Distributions of Algebraic Functions of Independent Random Variables
Prasad R.D., 1970

Probability Distributions of Algebraic Functions of Independent Random Variables

Books: Schaum's Outline of Probability
Lipschutz S., 1968

Designed for an introductory course in probability with high school algebra as the main prerequisite. Complete and self-contained can be used for self-study.


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