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Books: Pfaffs Problem and Its Generalizations
Schouten J.A., van der Kulk W., 1949

In its simplest form, the Pfaff problem (formulated by Pfaff in 1819) consists of determining the maximal integrable manifold of a Pfaffian system, i.e. of a system of vector fields in R^n. This book …

Books: Polynomials: a problem book
Barbeau E.J., 1989

Polynomials: a problem book

Books: Introduction to statics and dynamics. Problem book
Rudra P., Ruina A., 2001

Introduction to statics and dynamics. Problem book

Books: Problem solving in automata, languages, and complexity
Ding-Zhu D., Ker-I K., 2001

Automata and natural language theory are topics lying at the heart of computer science. Both are linked to computational complexity and together, these disciplines help define the parameters of what c…

Books: Systemic text generation as problem solving
Patten T., 1988

An exploration of a new approach to text generation that interprets systemic grammar as a computational representation. Patten demonstrates that systemic grammar can be easily and automatically transl…

Books: Giant molecules: essential materials for everyday living and problem solving
Seymour R.B., Carraher C.E., 2003

There is almost everything about molecules which form the basis of life…in this book…there are nice and descriptive figures and tables, as well as some really interesting historical background…


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