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Books: The renormalization group: Critical phenomena and the Kondo problem
Wilson K.G., 1975

This review covers several topics involving renormalization group ideas. The solution of the s-wave Kondo Hamiltonian, describing a single magnetic impurity in a nonmagnetic metal, is explained in det…

Books: The algebraic eigenvalue problem
Wilkinson J.H.

This volume, which became a classic on first publication, is perhaps the most important and widely read book in the field of numerical analysis. It presents a distillation of the author's pioneering d…

Books: Quantum mechanics. Problem Set
Pratt S., 2001

Quantum mechanics. Problem Set

Books: Cauchy Problem for Solutions of Elliptic Equations
Tarkhanov N.N., 1995

This book examines the Cauchy problem for elliptic equations under the aspects of approximation, solvability, and reconstruction of solutions via their initial data. It also explores the problem of an…

Books: Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics
Derbyshire J., 2003

Bernhard Riemann would make any list of the greatest mathematicians ever. In 1859, he proposed a formula to count prime numbers that has defied all attempts to prove it true. This new book tackles the…

Books: A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic (vol. 2)
Bilaniuk S., 1997

This is the Volume II of a text for a problem-orientedundergraduate course in mathematical logic. It covers the basicsof computability, using Turing machines and recursive functions,and G¨odel's …
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