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Books: A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic (vol. 1)
Bilaniuk S., 1999

This is a text for a problem-oriented undergraduatecourse in mathematical logic. It covers the basics of propositionaland rst-order logic through the Soundness, Completeness, andCompactness Theorems. …

Books: The quantum method of the inverse problem and the Heisenberg XYZ model
Takhtadzhan L.A., Faddeev L.D., 1979

The quantum method of the inverse problem and the Heisenberg XYZ model

Books: Problem book in the theory of functions
Knopp K., 1948

Problem book in the theory of functions

Books: Chiral symmetry and the U(1) problem
Christos G.A., 1984

This review gives a detailed account of recent progress in the U(l) problem from the point of view of the anomalous Ward identities and the large Ne expansion. Two important ingredients that go into t…

Books: Asymptotic Methods for the Fokker-Planck Equation and the Exit Problem in Applications
Grasman J., van Herwaarden O.A., 1999

Asymptotic methods are of great importance for practical applications, especially in dealing with boundary value problems for small stochastic perturbations. This book deals with nonlinear dynamical s…

Books: The boundary integral approach to static and dynamic contact problem
Antes H., Panagiotopoulos P.D., 1992

The present book is a result of more than two decades of research and teaching activity of the first author on boundary integral equations and, of the second author, on inequality problems, as well as…


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