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Books: Noncommutative Stationary Processes
Gohm R., 2004

Quantum probability and the theory of operator algebras are both concerned with the study of noncommutative dynamics. Focusing on stationary processes with discrete-time parameter, this book presents …

Books: Asymptotic behaviour of exclusive processes in QCD
Chernyak V.I., Zhitnitsky A.R., 1984

The main ideas, methods and results in the investigation of the asymptotic behaviour of exclusive processes are reviewed. We discuss power behaviour and its dependence on hadron quantum numbers, logar…

Books: Operator expectation values, self-energies, cutting rules, and higher-order processes
Danielewicz P., 1990

The high-order structure of diagrammatic expansion in real-time many-body theory is examined. The existence of cutting rules is demonstrated for diagrams that can correspond to the expectation values …

Books: An Introduction to Branching Measure-Valued Processes
Dynkin E., 1994

For about half a century, two classes of stochastic processes — Gaussian processes and processes with independent increments — have played an important role in the development of stochastic analysis a…

Books: Financial Modelling with Jump Processes
Cont R., Tankov P., 2004

During the last decade, financial models based on jump processes have acquired increasing popularity in risk management and option pricing. Much has been published on the subject, but the technical na…

Books: The Elements of Stochastic Processes With Applications to the Natural Sciences.
Bailey N.T.J., 1964

Develops an introductory and relatively simple account of the theory and application of the evolutionary type of stochastic process. Professor Bailey adopts the heuristic approach of applied mathemati…


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