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Books: Complex stochastic processes
Miller K.S., 1974

When the student of engineering or applied science is first exposed to stochastic processes, or noise theory, he is usually content to manipulate random variables formally as if they were ordinary fun…

Books: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology
Comyns A.E., 2000

This book is singularly devoted to naming those chemical processes that are not self-explanatory and obvious. Containing nearly 135,000 entries, this second edition includes new information on the man…

Books: Nonparametric statistics for stochastic processes
Bosq D., 1996

This book is devoted to the theory and applications of nonparametic functional estimation and prediction. Chapter 1 provides an overview of inequalities and limit theorems for strong mixing processes.…

Books: Stochastic processes
Doob J.L., 1990

The theory of stochastic processes has developed so much in the last twenty years that the need for a systematic account of the subject has been felt, particularly by students and instructors of proba…

Books: Semihard processes in QCD
Gribov L.V., Levin E.M., Ryskin M.G., 1983

Semihard processes in QCD


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