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Computer programming (often shortened to programming or coding) is the process of writing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. This source code is written in a programming language. The code may be a modification of an existing source or something completely new. The purpose of programming is to create a program that exhibits a certain desired behavior (customization). The process of writing source codes requires expertise in many different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms and formal logic.

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Books: Graphics Programming with Perl
Martien Verbruggen, 2002

Welcome to Graphics Programming with Perl. When Manning Publications contacted me to assess my interest in writing a book about graphics programming for the Perl language, I was a bit skeptical at fir…

Books: Web Development with Java: Using Hibernate, JSPs and Servlets
Tim Downey, 2007

Web development is simpler than it seems, especially with the software tools freely available on the Web. This book breaks from the tradition of teaching a history of Web development and jumps to the …

Books: Google Maps API
Scott Davis, 2007

discribtion API for Google maps

Books: Java Programming (part 1)

Java Programming (part 1)

Books: C++ Programming How−To
Vasudevan A., 2001

This document provides a comprehensive list of C++ URL pointers, links to C++ online textbooks, andprogramming tips on C++. This document also provides a C++ library which imitates Java−language…

Books: C programming
Cheltenham Computer Training, 1997

C programming
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