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Books: Mathematical Programming with Data Perturbations
Fiacco A.V., 1998

Revisiting classical theory within the context of contemporary results, this authoritative volume presents cutting-edge research contributions and tutorial expositions on current methodologies for sen…

Books: Numerical Methods Real Time and Embedded Systems Programming
Morgan D., 1992

Numerical Methods Real Time and Embedded Systems Programming

Books: OpenGL Programming Guide
Neider J., Davis T., 1997

The OpenGL graphics system is a software interface to graphics hardware. (The GL stands for GraphicsLibrary.) It allows you to create interactive programs that produce color images of movingthree-dime…

Books: Programming pearls
Bentley J., 1986

Programming and problem-solving tutorial, sorting algorithms, merge sort, bit vectors, binary searches, program correctness and testing, improving performance, engineering and problem-solving techniqu…

Books: Functional Programming
Fokker J., 1995

Functional Programming

Books: Neural Networks: Algorithms, Applications, and Programming Techniques
Freeman J.A., Skarupa D.M., 1991

The book explains and deduces mathematically the working principle of many architectures, and presents commented examples (good ones) in structured English (very similar to Pascal).


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