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Books: Principles of programming

This is a text book—it is intended to teach you about computer programming. Learning is like a journey and, with any journey, it is helpful to know something about the terrain before setting out, for …

Books: Maple 7 Programming Guide
Monagan M.B., Gedes K.O., Heal K.M., 2001

Maple 7 Programming Guide

Books: More programming pearls
Bentley J., 1988

What do topics ranging from organic chemistry to Napoleon's campaigns have to do with computer programming? This collection of essays demonstrates the many varied aspects of programming, showing how p…

Books: Programming with POSIX threads
Butenhof D.R., 1997

This book offers an in-depth description of the IEEE operating system interface standard, POSIX® (Portable Operating System Interface) threads, commonly called Pthreads. Written for experienced C prog…

Books: Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied
Alexandrescu A., 2001

Busy programmers are offered exciting and powerful new C++ idioms with surprising capabilities that are described in this book. Beginning with detailed descriptions of techniques used in generic progr…

Books: Programming in Scheme
Eisenberg M., Abelson H., 1990

"With this book you can learn to write good programs that do interesting things right off the bat," writes software developer Julie Sussman. "This is the introductory [programming] text that I wish I …


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