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Books: Quantum field-theoretical methods in transport theory of metals
Rammer J., Smith H., 1986

The authors review the Keldysh method of obtaining kinetic equations for normal and superconducting metals. The use of the method is illustrated by examples involving electron-impurity, electron-phono…

Books: Quantum transport theory of electrons in solids: A single-particle approach
Rammer J., 1991

The electronic transport theory of semiconductors is not, from a first-principles point of view, as well un- understood as is that of metals, where the degeneracy of the Fermi system leads to a simpli…

Books: Quantum transport theory
Rammer J., 1998

Quantum Transport Theory is a comprehensive account of recent achievements in the understanding of disordered conductors. In addition to detailing the density matrix description of nonequilibrium stat…


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