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Books: Mirrors and Reflections: The Geometry of Finite Reflection Groups
Borovik A.V., Borovik A.S., 2000

Mirrors and Reflections: The Geometry of Finite Reflection Groups

Books: Reflection groups and Coxeter groups
Humphreys J.E., 1990

In this graduate textbook Professor Humphreys presents a concrete and up-to-date introduction to the theory of Coxeter groups. He assumes that the reader has a good knowledge of algebra, but otherwise…

Books: Procedural Reflection in Programming Languages (vol.1)
Smith B.C., 1982

We show how a computational system can be constructed to "reason", effectively and consequentially, about its own inferential processes. The analysis proceeds in two parts. First, we consider the gene…

Books: Java Reflection in Action (In Action series) by Ira R. Forman

Computing Review "Well-written . . . presents a difficult topic in a clear and comprehensible fashion." "Exceptional coverage of an area . . . that is generally poorly covered and often …


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