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Books: Nonparametric regression and spline smoothing
Eubank R.L., 1999

This textbook for a graduate level introductory course on data smoothing covers series estimators, kernel estimators, smoothing splines, and least-squares splines. The new edition deletes most of the …

Books: Local Regression and Likelihood
Loader C., 1999

Separation of signal from noise is the most fundamental problem in data analysis, and arises in many fields, for example, signal processing, econometrics, acturial science, and geostatistics. This boo…

Books: Applied Regression Analysis: A Research Tool
Rawlings J.O., Pantula S.G., Dickey D.A., 2001

Textbook designed as a supplement to an understanding of statistical concepts for the purpose of employing sophisticated and powerful statistical methods. Emphasizes the drawing of scientific inferenc…

Books: Applied survival analysis: regression modeling of time to event data
Hosmer D.W., Lemeshow S., 1999

A textbook for an introductory course in statistical methods for analyzing data typically encountered in health related studies that include events involving an element of time. Assumes previous cours…

Books: Applied logistic regression
Hosmer D.W., Lemeshow S., 2000

A textbook for part of a graduate survey course, courses of a quarter or semester, and focused short courses for working professionals. Assuming a solid foundation in linear regression methodology and…

Books: Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)
Bates Douglas M., Watts Donald G., 1988

A balanced presentation of the theoretical, practical, and computational aspects of nonlinear regression. Provides background material on linear regression, including a geometrical development for lin…
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