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Books: Special relativity
Hogg D., 1997

Special relativity

These notes have three (perhaps ambitious) aims: (a) to introduce undergraduates to special relativity from its founding principle to its varied consequences, (b) to serve as a reference for those of …

Books: Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology
Tolman R.C., 1934

Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology

This landmark study by a distinguished physicist develops three important themes: a coherent and inclusive account of Einstein’s theory of relativity; the extension of thermodynamics to special and ge…

Books: Introduction to general relativity
Hooft G., 1998

Introduction to general relativity

General relativity is a beautiful scheme for describing the gravitational fieldan dth equations it obeys. Nowadays this theory is often used as a prototype for other, more intricate constructions to d…

Books: A relativists toolkit
Poisson E., 2004

A relativists toolkit

This textbook fills a gap in the existing literature on general relativity by providing the advanced student with practical tools for the computation of many physically interesting quantities. The con…

Books: The theory of the relativity of motion
Tolman R.C., 1917

The theory of the relativity of motion

It has been the endeavor of the following book to present an introduction to this theory of relativity, which in the decade since the publication of Einstein's first paper in 1905 (Annalen der Physik)…

Books: Relativity: an introduction to special and general relativity
Stephani H., 2004

Relativity: an introduction to special and general relativity

Thoroughly revised and updated, this textbook provides a pedagogical introduction to relativity. It is self-contained, but the reader is expected to have a basic knowledge of theoretical mechanics and…
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