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Books: On Manifolds with an Affine Connection and the Theory of General Relativity
Cartan E., 1986

On Manifolds with an Affine Connection and the Theory of General Relativity

Books: Tensors and Manifolds with Applications to Mechanics and Relativity
Wasserman R.H., 1992

This book introduces the concepts of tensor algebras and differentiable manifolds to the intermediate-level student. It describes analytical and geometrical structures built on these basic concepts. T…

Books: Special relativity
Hogg D., 1997

These notes have three (perhaps ambitious) aims: (a) to introduce undergraduates to special relativity from its founding principle to its varied consequences, (b) to serve as a reference for those of …

Books: Lecture notes on general relativity
Carroll S.M., 1997

These notes represent approximately one semester's worth of lectures on introductory general relativity for beginning graduate students in physics. Topics include manifolds, Riemannian geometry, Einst…

Books: The geometry of Minkowski spacetime: an introduction to the mathematics of the special theory of relativity
Naber G.L., 1992

It is the intention of this monograph to provide an introduction to the special theory of relativity that is mathematically rigorous and yet spells out in considerable detail the physical significance…

Books: Chaotic behavior in general relativity
Barrow J., 1981

The Kimtein equaaons are shown to exhibit tormal chaotic behaviour that can be characterized by invariants of non-linear dynamics. An overview of new concept in dynamical systems theory is provided. T…


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