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Books: Beyond reason. 8 great problems that reveal the limits of science
Dewdney A.K., 2004

Inventors and engineers have invested centuries of effort trying to build a perpetual-motion machine. They have never succeeded, but without their valiant attempts, a particularly piquant chapter woul…

Books: Integral Methods in Science and Engineering
Bertram B., Constanda C., 2000

The Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, form a collection of papers addressing the solution of mathematical problems from various physical…

Books: Computational materials science
Raabe D., 1998

Modeling and simulation play an ever increasing role in the development and optimization of materials.Computational Materials Science presents the most important approaches in this new interdisciplina…

Books: Course Information for Physics 219/Computer Science 219 Quantum Computation (Formerly Physics 229)
Preskill J., 2000

There is no required textbook. Much of the material in the course is based on quite recent research that has not yet appeared in any book. Many relevant research articles can be accessed through the q…

Books: Combinatorics for computer science
Williamson S., 1985

Useful guide covers two major subdivisions of combinatorics — enumeration and graph theory — with emphasis on conceptual needs of computer science. Each part is divided into a "basic concepts" chapter…

Books: Advances in cognitive science 1
Sharkey N.E., 1986

This book, like my own career, has no single theme which connects all of the chapters except a commitment to the study of cognition. I have deliverately avoided collecting these chapters under traditi…


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