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Books: Numerical issues in statistical computing for social scientist
Altman M., Cill J., McDonald M.P., 2004

Addressing the current deficiency in the literature on statistical methods as they apply to the social and behavioral sciences, Numerical Issues in Statistical Computing for the Social Scientist provi…

Books: How to think like a computer scientist
Downey A.B., 2002

This book is an excellent introduction to the process of programming. It focuses on the theories and methods used, and not just a 'type this and it will do blarg' approach to teaching the language. I …

Books: What is death. A scientist looks at the cycle of life
Volk T., 2002

Answering the question "What is death?" by focusing on the individual is blinkered. It restricts attention to a narrow zone around the individual body of a creature. Instead, how expansive is the answ…

Magazines: Science January 11 2008

Science's first issue was November 1979 and was originally published bi-monthly and by subscription only[1]. The name of the magazine changed every year to reflect the publication date, becoming Scien…

Books: Linus Pauling. Scientist and peacemaker
Mead C., Hager T. (eds.), 2001

To mark the 100th anniversary of Linus Pauling's birth in February 2001, two experts on his life and legacy have created this remarkable volume. Included is a wide variety of original material by Paul…

Magazines: The Scientist May 2007

The Scientist May 2007


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