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Books: Calculating the Secrets of Life: Contributions of the Mathematical Sciences to Molecular Biology
Lander E.S., Waterman M.S. (eds.), 1995

In this first-ever survey of the partnership between mathematics and biology, leading experts look at how mathematical research and methods have made possible important discoveries in biology. Explore…

Books: Hacking linux exposed: linux security secrets
Hatch B., Lee J., Kurtz G., 2001

If you have a vulnerable computer attached to the BIG BAD INTERNET, sooner or later your box will be compromised. Notice I prefer the term compromised to hacked. Hacking is a benign activity. You hack…

Books: Hacking secrets revealed. Information and instructional guide

In this manual, I will cover with you things that may scare you. Some things may even make you paranoid about having a computer. Don’t be discouraged though, as I will also tell you how to protect you…

Books: Secrets of spectroscopy revealed
Cardinal S., 2002

Secrets of spectroscopy revealed

Books: Software Project Secrets: Why Software Projects Fail

Software Project Secrets: Why Software Projects Fail

Books: Feng Shui Secrets Revealed set

How do you put a value on something that could change your life? The real question here is What is a resource like this worth to you, in terms of your benefit from using this Simple Feng Shui template…
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