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Books: Schaum's outline of theory and problems of digital signal processing
Hayes M.H., 1999

Reflecting the rapid advances in microelectronics and computer technology, this powerful study guide is ideal as a supplement to any course on this subject or for independent study by electrical engin…

Books: Signal Transduction
Gomperts B.D., Tatham P.E.R., Kramer I.M., 2002

Signal Transduction is a text reference on cellular signalling processes. Starting with the basics, it explains how cells respond to external cues (hormones, cytokines, neurotransmitters, adhesion mol…

Books: Signal Processing Fundamentals and Applications for Communications and Sensing Systems
Minkoff J., 2002

Written for readers with backgrounds in physics, engineering, or mathematics who wish to learn about the detection and extraction of information from radio-frequency (RF), acoustic, or optical signals…

Books: Multiresolution Markov Models for Signal and Image Processing
Wilsky A.S., 2000

This paper reviews a significant component of the rich field of statistical multiresolution (MR) modeling and processing. These MR methods have found application and permeated the literature of a wide…

Books: Optical signal processing
Vanderlugt A.

Intended for use as both a senior and graduate level textbook and as a reference for workers in the field, it combines a solid treatment of optical signal processing theory with detailed descriptions …

Books: A wavelet tour of signal processing
Mallat S., 1999

Designed to serve as an invaluable reference for anyone concerned with the application of wavelets to signal processing. Provides a broad perspective on the principles and applications of transient si…
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