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Books: Quantum field-theoretical methods in transport theory of metals
Rammer J., Smith H., 1986

The authors review the Keldysh method of obtaining kinetic equations for normal and superconducting metals. The use of the method is illustrated by examples involving electron-impurity, electron-phono…

Books: Programming the finite element method
Smith I.M., Griffiths D.V., 1988

"Following the highly successful previous editions, this 4th edition contains programs and subroutine libraries fully updated to Fortran95, which are freely available on the Internet. A wide variety o…

Books: Procedural Reflection in Programming Languages (vol.1)
Smith B.C., 1982

We show how a computational system can be constructed to "reason", effectively and consequentially, about its own inferential processes. The analysis proceeds in two parts. First, we consider the gene…

Books: The semantic web. A guide to the future of XML, web services, and knowledge management
Daconta M.S., Obrst L.J., Smith K.T., 2003

* "The Semantic Web is an extension of the current Web in which information is given* well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation."-Tim Berners-Lee, Scientific Am…

Books: Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology
Smith A.D., Datta S.P., Smith G.H., 2000

With over 17,000 endnotes, this reference work is a major source of information for all professionals, scholars, and students of biochemistry and molecular biology. It describes essential features of …

Books: Introduction to geophysical inverse theory
Scales J.A., Smith M.L., 1997

Introduction to geophysical inverse theory
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