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Books: Penetration Testers Open Source Toolkit Volume 2 - Syngress

Penetration Testers Open Source Toolkit Volume 2 - Syngress

Books: LINQ in Action

LINQ, Language INtegrated Query, is a new extension to the Visual Basic and C# programming languages designed to simplify data queries and database interaction. It addreses O/R mapping issues by makin…

Books: Professional Windows Live Programming- Wrox

Windows Live is the collective name for a group of Microsoft tools whose services and user data are available anywhere–without ever having to install an application Windows Live currently consis…

Books: Interscience System Analysis Design and Development Concepts Principles and Practices

* Written in a practical, easy to understand style, this text provides a step-by-step guide to System Analysis and Engineering by introducing concepts, principles, and practices via a progression of t…

Books: Security Patterns Integrating Security and Systems Engineering

Most security books are targeted at security engineers and specialists. Few show how build security into software. None breakdown the different concerns facing security at different levels of the syst…

Books: Software Piracy Exposed

Software Piracy Exposed


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