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Books: Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules - Microsoft Press

Project managers, technical leads, and programmers throughout the industry share an important concern—how to get their development schedules under control. RAPID DEVELOPMENT addresses…

Books: Practicing Software Engineering In The 21st Century - IRM Press

This technological manual explores how software engineering principles can be used in tandem with software development tools to produce economical and reliable software that is faster and more accurat…

Books: Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development - Prentice Hall

This book covers the human and organizational dimension of the software improvement process and software project management, whether based on the CMM or ISO 9000 or the Rational Unified Process. Drawn…

Books: Large-Scale Software Architecture - A Practical Guide Using UML

The purpose of large-scale software architecture is to capture and describe practical representations to make development teams more effective. In this book the authors show how to utilise software ar…

Books: Essentials of Error Control Coding - Wiley

Rapid advances in electronic and optical technology have enabled the implementation of powerful error-control codes, which are now used in almost the entire range of information systems with close to …

Books: Data Compression: The Complete Reference (3rd Edittion) - Springer

Data Compression: The Complete Reference (3rd Edittion) - Springer


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