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Books: Solitons and geometry
Novikov S.P., 1994

Solitons and geometry

Books: Nontopological solitons
Lee T. D., Pang Y., 1992

Nontopological solitons are stable hounu state solutions whose boundary condition at infinity is the same as that tor the physical vacuum state. They exist in classical, as well as quantum mechanical,…

Books: Solitons : Differential equations, symmetries and infinite dimensional algebras
Miwa T., Jimbo M., Date E., 2000

This book investigates the high degree of symmetry that lies hidden in integrable systems. To that end, differential equations arising from classical mechanics, such as the KdV equation and the KP equ…

Books: Quantum theory of solitons
Faddeev L.D., Korepin V.E., 1987

This paper describes the quantum theory of solitons - the localized solutions of the classical field equations. The scattering matrix for the processes with solitons is defined within the functional i…

Books: Solitons and instantons
Rajaraman R., 1989

This book offers an elementary and unified introduction to the non-perturbative results obtained in relativistic quantum field theory based on classical soliton and instanton solutions. Such solutions…

Books: Topological solitons
Manton N., Sutcliffe P., 2004

This book introduces the main examples of topological solitons in classical field theories, discusses the forces between solitons, and surveys in detail both static and dynamic multi-soliton solutions…


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