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Books: Fourier Transforms in Spectroscopy
Kauppinen J., Partanen J., 2001

This modern approach to the subject is clearly and logicallystructured, and gives readers an understanding of the essence ofFourier transforms and their applications. All important aspects areincluded…

Books: Femtosecond real-time spectroscopy of small molecules and clusters
Schreiber E., 1998

This book gives a detailed overview on this new and exciting field at the boundary of physics and chemistry.Laser-induced ultrafast molecuar dynamics is presented for many textbook-like examples of mo…

Books: Dispersion, complex analysis and optical spectroscopy. Classical theory
Peiponen K.-E., Vartiainen E.M., Asakura T., 1999

This book is devoted to dispersion theory in linear and nonlinear optics. Dispersion relations and methods of analysis in optical spectroscopy are derived with the aid of complex analysis. The book in…

Books: Principles of nonlinear spectroscopy
Mukamel S., 1995

This textbook presents a systematic and unifying viewpoint for a wide class of nonlinear spectroscopic techniques in time domain and frequency domain. It is directed towards active researchers in phys…

Books: Secrets of spectroscopy revealed
Cardinal S., 2002

Secrets of spectroscopy revealed

Books: Laser spectroscopy
Demtroeder W., 2003

A detailed survey of the essential ideas and facts of laser spectroscopy, which, because of its clarity and utility, is already a classic... it will be hard to imagine a better book at this level addr…


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