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Books: Stability of projective varieties: Lectures
Mumford D., 1976

Stability of projective varieties: Lectures

Books: Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms
Higham N., 1996

Treats the behavior of numerical algorithms in finite precision arithmetic, combining algorithmic derivations, perturbation theory, and rounding error analysis and emphasizing software practicalities,…

Books: Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability
Drazin P., 2002

Instability of flows and their transition to turbulence are widespread phenomena in engineering and the natural environment. They are important in applied mathematics, astrophysics, biology, geophysic…

Books: Stability and Transition in Shear Flows
Schmid P.J., Henningson D.S., 2001

This book is a detailed look at some of the more modern issues of hydrodynamic stability, including transient growth, eigenvalue spectra, secondary instability. Analytical results and numerical simula…

Books: Electroweak higgs potential and vacuum stability
Sher M., 1989

In electroweak models, radiative corrections to the scalar potential can have significant consequences. In the standard model, they can destabilize the standard model vacuum; the requirement of vacuum…

Books: Stability of structures : elastic, inelastic, fracture, and damage theories
Bazant Z.P., Cedolin L., 2003

A vital element of structural and continuum mechanics, stability theory has limitless applications in engineering. This text explores the principles and applications of stability analysis, offering st…
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