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Books: A First Course in String Theory
Zwiebach B., 2004

An accessible and pedagogical introduction to the subject, this book provides a detailed and self-contained exposition of the main concepts of string theory. The first part deals with the basic concep…

Books: Mathematical aspects of string theory
Yau S.T., 1987

One way to encourage an exchange of ideas between the two disciplines is to bring the string physicists and interested mathematicians together at a conference. One such conference was held at the Math…

Books: String theory limits and dualities
Van der Shaar J.P., 2000

The organization of this thesis is as follows. In chapter 2 we introduce the basic ingredients of string theory. Chapter 3 discusses supersymmetry algebras and the concept of BPS states. In the same c…

Books: Introduction to string field theory
Siegel W., 2001

The author introduces the subject of his book as "the newest approach" to string theory, which he defines in analogy to the point particle theory, as an approach to the calculation of relevant quantit…

Books: The spacetime supersymmetric formulation of the string
Shapiro J.A., Taylor C.C., 1990

The Green-Schwarz formulation of the ten-dimensional superstring is one of the more intriguing approaches to string theory. Together with the Brink-Schwarz superparticle and the super-p-branes, the Gr…

Books: String theory (volume 2). Superstring theory and beyond
Polchinski J., 1998

Volume 2: Superstring Theory and Beyond, begins with an introduction to supersymmetric string theories and goes on to a broad presentation of the important advances of recent years. The book first int…
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